What is Urbanicity?

We are Hamilton’s community hub, publishing news you can use and curating Hamilton’s best local activities.

Use Urbanicity to discover everything the city has to offer and make Hamilton truly feel like home.

How do I use Urbanicity?

Start by going to our main search and select one of our four main categories (Food, Fun, Shops, or Wellness). You can narrow down your search by using filters specific to the category selected.

Once you register an account, there are additional features you will have access to including the ability to track your visits by clicking the unlock button assigned to each place, saving places to private collections and filtering out places you’ve already visited.

You’ll also have access to a dashboard where you can view all of your earned badges, unlocked places, saved collections and reviews.

How does Urbanicity determine which places go on the website?

There are three criteria we look for when added a place on Urbanicity.

  1. Local. A local experience is defined as an activity which can only be enjoyed within the City of Hamilton and surrounding area which includes Stoney Creek, Glanbrook, Ancaster, Dundas, Wentworth and Flamborough. A business in Hamilton with multiple locations outside of these regions may appear on Urbanicity so long as the business is not a large franchise or chain (we typically define this as 5 or more locations). Preference will always be given to stand-alone businesses in the Hamilton area, or those that started in Hamilton before expanding to other regions.
  2. Awesome. Being awesome is defined as an experience that has established itself as highly rated among Hamiltonians. In other words, the community highly favours and approves of this place.
  3. Fun. While there are many businesses and services that are local and awesome, if they’re not activities Hamiltonians would consider fun then they don’t go on the site. When we say fun, we mean activities that you would take your friends out to. Have the mindset of a tourist — except you’re exploring your own city this time!

We are decidedly selective on Urbanicity so that regardless of what users select, we can reasonably ensure that the place will be good, fun and support local at the same time.

What are places?

Places are any activity listed on the site that may be visited and unlocked. Places include any and all activities listed under our four main categories: Food & Drink, Recreation, Lifestyle and Events.

What are categories?

Categories are designed to provide a more in-depth search than the one found on the home page. It allows users to be very particular in their searches through our intuitive tag system that is unique to each main category.

Our four main categories are: Food, Fun, Shops and Wellness.

  • Food includes restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, farmer’s markets, etc.
  • Fun includes outdoor, indoor, entertainment, nightlife, historical sites, etc. These activities are excursions you would not do on a regular basis.
  • Shops includes independent stores and services. These are activities that people frequent on a more regular basis that does not involve food or drink.
  • Wellness includes facilities that provide health-oriented services.

What are tags?

Tags are a way to narrow searches to exactly what users are looking for. Each category has a different group of tags that are shared among similar places. Every time a user clicks a tag, the category can be refreshed to display only the places that match the tag(s) selected. Users can select multiple tags in order to find something really specific.

What is unlocking?

Unlocking is your way of keeping track of the places you visit in Hamilton. Unlocking experiences contribute to earning badges and can be used to filter search results, too.

What stops someone from unlocking everything?

Nothing. Urbanicity doesn’t verify if the places you unlocked were legitimate experiences; the feature is there for you to keep track of your personal journey as you explore the city.

What is a badge and how do I earn one?

Once a certain collection of places have been checked off, users can earn a badge. Once a badge is completed, it appears on your profile as an icon that others can see and identify you with. There is no limit to how many badges you can earn and new badges will continually be added to the site. Badges have no monetary value and are only a gauge of how many local experiences you have accumulated.

Urbanicity badges are earned by unlocking a group of places (for example, 10 cafes to earn a Coffee Addict badge).

How do I add, submit or suggest places to Urbanicity?

If there is a business, activity or event that you believe would be a good match for Urbanicity, please send us an email to [email protected]

How do I advertise on Urbanicity?

All of our commercial options can be found on our advertising page. For all advertising inquiries, please email [email protected]