Mihi Cannabis opens its first retail store in Burlington

Unique retailer Mihi Cannabis, that focuses on locally sourced and health-conscious products, opens its first store in Burlington on September 2nd. 

Mihi has partnered with a number of local artisans and entrepreneurs to supply handmade and one-of-a-kind goods. The company has also worked with the community to help supply locally-sourced products.

“We are thrilled to open our first store which is decidedly focused on the customer experience and product assortment,” said Steffen Schenk, President and COO. 

“Prior to launch, we completed significant consumer and market research to guide our retail offering. Our findings led us to take a unique approach towards our product assortment. Our retail team is ready to go.”

The company is known for its in-store experience that allows shoppers to discover different products that are best for their personal well-being. 

Mihi was the first retailer to join the Organization of Independent Cannabis Entrepreneurs, which shares the company’s vision to create a diverse cannabis marketplace in Canada.

Burlington’s newest cannabis storefront is located at 3500 Dundas Street at the corner of Walker’s Line. The store’s official grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, September 12th.

Visit the Mihi Cannabis website for more information.

Lead image courtesy of @mihicannabis

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