Protests at Burlington slaughterhouse continue despite new provincial law

Bill 156 prohibits protesters from stopping trucks from transporting livestock, but it hasn’t stopped activists from protesting outside a Burlington slaughterhouse. 

Activist group Toronto Pig Save held a demonstration in front of Fearmans Pork meat processing plant in Burlington on Wednesday. 

While the dozen or so activists would usually stop trucks from entering the plant, many of them stood on a median in the middle of the road. Toronto Pig Save have been protesting outside the facility for years. 

The activists waved signs, gave the pigs water, and shot video while trucks were stopped at the red light. 

This was a tactic created by Toronto Pig Save in order to get around the Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act (Bill 156). 

Violation of the act could result in a fine of up to $15,000 for first offenders and up to $25,000 on subsequent offences. 

In a press release issued on September 1st, Halton police stated that they intend to enforce the new legislation. 

According to the Hamilton Spectator, an officer at the scene said the activists weren’t violating any part of the bill. 

Animal activists have been vocally against the introduction of Bill 156 stating that it will prevent journalists, activists, and whistleblowers from entering food processing plants unexpectedly in order to investigate them.

Lead image courtesy of Google Maps

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