IKEA Canada will phase out non-rechargeable alkaline batteries

Traditional batteries are going to be no more at IKEA Canada store locations by October 2021. 

The incredibly popular Swedish furniture retailer will phase out all non-rechargeable alkaline batteries from its home furnishing range as part of its commitment to inspire consumers to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

People who use alkaline batteries will be able to switch to chargeable batteries that will ultimately save them money and reduce household waste.

According to comparative Life Cycle Assessment studies, the environmental impact of alkaline batteries is much greater than that of rechargeable nickel metal hybrid batteries. 

These types of batteries are often used in common household devices with high energy consumption such as toys, flashlights, portable speakers, and cameras. 

A statement released by IKEA Canada says that after 10 charges of rechargeable batteries, greenhouse gases are lower compared to alkaline batteries. After 50 charges, the overall environmental impact is equal to or lower than the impact of using alkaline batteries. 

“IKEA products are part of millions of Canadians’ homes and we have a responsibility to inspire and enable our customers to live a better everyday life within the boundaries of the planet,” said Melissa Barbosa, Sustainability Manager of IKEA Canada. 

“By phasing out alkaline batteries and focusing on our range of rechargeable batteries, we are taking one step on that journey – offering customers an affordable and convenient solution to prolong the life of products and materials, while reducing household waste.”

In 2019, IKEA sold 300 million alkaline batteries worldwide. If all their customers started using rechargeable batteries and charged them 50 times, their waste reduction would be as much as 5,000 tons annually, says the statement. 

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