Burlington Public Library now allows people to borrow electronic devices

Along with the thousands of books and DVDs, the Burlington Public Library is allowing people to borrow devices as well.

Visitors can borrow electronic devices such as iPads, Fitbits, Kill-A-Watt electricity usage monitors, and Launchpads from branches of the Burlington Public Library. 

To rent a device, it is encouraged that interested people visit the BPL website and search for the item they’re looking to borrow. 

Then, the device can be placed on hold using a BPL login and library card. 

Once the device is available, the library will contact you through phone or email to let you know that it’s ready to borrow. 

Visit a branch that is open for limited walk-in library services. Visitors are limited to spending only an hour in the library in order to keep others safe. 

Although the library cannot guarantee the safe sanitation of all their items, all returned items stay in quarantine for 72 hours with devices also being wiped with a cloth and cleaning spray. 

Learn more on the Burlington Public Library website.

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