Hiker finds abandoned skate park in the woods just off of Bruce Trail

While walking the Bruce Trail, a local hiker stumbled upon an abandoned skate park in the middle of a forest in Hamilton

Reddit user i_know_cat_fu posted in the Burlington subreddit an image of the empty skate park on Saturday asking the community if anyone has more information about the location that has no road access and was far off the normal trail.

Abandoned skate park just off Bruce Trail, west of Hwy 6, middle of the woods with no road access. Anyone know why this was built? from BurlingtonON

The secret skate spot is thought to be located “along the escarpment by Clappison Corners. South of 5, west of 6. Close to Algonquin Blvd,” said Redditor eff-bee-eye.

It was theorized on the subreddit that the DIY skate park was made out of an old house foundation as an alternative for serious skateboarders who don’t want to battle with local scooter riders and amateur skaters. 

According to user Major_Ad_9237, many of the people who worked on the skate park have moved away leaving the area deserted. 

The graffiti-covered concrete skate park has been found previously by other hikers in the past, but it hasn’t been until now that some images and its whereabouts have become public on the depths of local subreddits. 

Lead image courtesy of i_know_cat_fu

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