Canada-wide petition wants to stop anti-abortion groups sharing graphic images

An online petition was launched that attempts to stop anti-abortion groups from sharing graphic images in their public marketing.

One of these groups can be seen around the Burlington area holding giant signs that depict graphic imagery. Groups have also delivered mail to people’s mailboxes with similar imagery.

An organization, The Viewer Discretion Legislation Coalition (VDLC), out of London, Ontario started to call for the Canadian government to put limitations on the type of images anti-abortion groups use on pamphlets and road signs.

Anti-abortion groups such as the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) use aggressive tactics to start discussion concerning the rights and personhood of the pre-born.

The CCBR uses abortion victim photography projects they call “Choice Chains” in order to force the topic of abortion in public consciousness on a national-level.

Co-founder of the VDLC, Katie Dean, said in an article on the Vancouver is Awesome website that these graphic images may be traumatic to children and women who have suffered the loss of a child or had an abortion.

Visit the online petition to learn more about the work of the VDLC. 

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