Virtual food court Ghost Kitchens opens a location in Burlington

The one-stop food chain Ghost Kitchens has officially opened a new location on Guelph Line in Burlington.

According to Jen Blasko, Director of Operations, the restaurant is kind of like a virtual food court that offers access to many different brands and their products. 

Ghost Kitchens is a unique new concept that allows customers to order using kiosks and then employees prepare well-known food brand’s menu items. 

Customers can also order using third party food delivery apps, such as Skip the Dishes, for service that drops food right at their door. 

The unique store idea has been around for about five years but has noticed a sizeable rise in popularity during COVID-19 as it keeps person-to-person interaction to a safe minimum. 

App delivery services has also helped strengthen the Ghost Kitchens brand while the way we experience take out continues to evolve. 

There are currently about 20 Ghost Kitchens locations across Canada. There are also storefronts looking to open every week for the foreseeable future with an expansion into the United States also in the cards. 

Read more about Ghost Kitchens here.

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