Eight-storey condo planned for Upper James

Varcon Construction is planning on developing the southeast corner of Upper James and Stone Church Road to an eight-storey condo with four smaller buildings adjacent.

Plans originally called for the development of two 30-storey condo towers in the southeast corner as far back as 2010-2011, but the plans were changed to two 12-storey towers mixed with commercial and townhouses. Those plans were then also scrapped for the current proposal.

The original 30-storey twin towers, now scrapped in favour of the new eight-storey proposal

The new proposal features street level commercial space with the upper floors being residential units that will either be rented out or sold as condos. The total count is 315 units with 382 underground and 135 above ground parking spaces.

The proposal is in line with the city’s official plan for heights/ density and with the commercial level located at the intersection rather than down Stone Church Rd, the plan has never been closer to being green-lit than now.

The site does still need to be rezoned from agricultural to mixed commercial-residential but that’s not slowing down Joe Plutino of Mainline Planning Services who is looking to bring the plan before the city’s planning committee this summer with a commencement date for the fall.

This is certainly exciting as the corner of Upper James and Stone Church has been vacant and dilapidated for several years now and a new structure like this could really invigorate the area.

Header photo by Mark Newman/Metroland

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