Hamilton has built its first container home

Modern architecture and sustainability unite as Geoffrey Young brings Hamilton’s first shipping container home to life.

The two-level, 2,500 square-foot home will be built from eight modified shipping containers connected on a concrete base. The four-bedroom steel home will keep its bright red exterior, but will look like a normal home on the interior.

Getting to the point of creation has been a four-year journey for Young. This project has included plenty of hurdles, ranging from run-ins with neighbours’ piping to simply acquiring the plot of land on Arkledun Avenue. The property, previously owned by the city, sat vacant for decades before Young obtained the land.

Repurposing shipping containers is a great, sustainable way to create a home, but it isn’t cheap. Unlike buying a traditional home a doing minor repairs, Yong’s project has no final price tag. Currently, he estimates the home will cost anywhere between $400,000 to $500,000.

Young is looking forward to finishing the home and moving in with his wife and daughter. They hope that the project will be completed within the next three months.

What do you think about shipping container homes? Would you ever choose modern steel over traditional brick? Let us know in the comments.

Header image provided by Robert Lalli

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