Hamilton takes part in saving the honeybees

Hamilton is officially taking action in order to save the honeybees. The Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) has partnered with Humble Bee, a local beekeeping company, in efforts to provide vital pollination services and increase the bee population.

This partnership will create 12 different hive boxes. The boxes will be divided into three different groups, creating three miniature colonies. Each colony will be home to approximately 500 honeybees.

These colonies will be located near the Sherman Inlet at Pier 15. This location was chosen due to its proximity to the waterfront, as well as its isolation. It’s said that a more isolated breeding ground will yield quicker results in terms of breeding queen bees.

There are simply not enough bees in our ecosystem. The decline in the honeybee population can be attributed to many factors, but the largest factor is the amount of toxic insecticide bees ingest.

Bees, along with butterflies, are pollinators. Without bees, there’ll be very little pollination happening. And without pollination, food production will be severely impacted.

Honeybees, or even bumblebees, are not aggressive insects. They’ll only sting if they feel that they, or their colony, are threatened. Leave these bees alone and they’ll pay you no mind.

What do you know about saving the bee population? Do you have any tips for amateur gardeners for helping honeybees? Let us know in the comments.

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