Flood watch for Lake Ontario shoreline

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is advising of strong shore-bound winds this weekend. Due to the potential of storm surges and high waves, there’s an increased risk of shoreline erosion and localized flooding along Hamilton’s shoreline.

The current forecasts anticipate strong winds up to 35 km/hr with maximum wind gusts reaching up to 65 km/hr. Due to these strong and fast winds, wave heights of up to 2.2 metres are expected.

If you plan on visiting Hamilton’s waterfront or the surrounding area this weekend, it’s important to be cautious. With the combination of high winds, high water levels and wave action, the threat of erosion and flooding is significant.

It can only be a matter of minutes between an area being safe to it becoming a public safety hazard.

The HCA’s flood watch will be in effect until Monday, at which time the watch will either be updated or cancelled. The HCA will provide updates over the weekend as more information comes to light.

What do you think about this flood watch? Will you be avoiding Hamilton’s Waterfront Trail this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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