Highland Road West’s urbanization project delayed

While Hamilton works hard to update its infrastructure in a timely manner, sometimes problems arise and opening dates get pushed back. It’s been announced that Highland Road West between Winterberry Drive and the Upper Red Hill Valley Parkway won’t open until December.

The cost of Highland Road West’s urbanization project has been estimated to be $13-million. The repairs, additions and changes being made to the road include the installation of sewer and water mains, gutters, concrete curbs, sidewalks, street lighting and a four-metre-wide bike path.

Highland Road West is ready to be paved all the way up to the intersection of Upper Mount Albion. For reasons unknown, the installation of utilities at the intersection has been delayed.

Not letting this delay deter project organizers, the road will be paved but will stop short of the intersection. Once the utility contractors complete their work, the intersection will be paved and the road will be ready to open.

Project organizers expect Highland Road West to reopen at the beginning of December. When the road reopens, Hamiltonians will have access to a road that’s great for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Do you live in the upper Stoney Creek neighbourhood? What other areas of Hamilton need to be urbanized? Let us know in the comments.

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