Minimum wage will remain $14 an hour until 2021

Two weeks ago, Premiere Doug Ford announced that the Ontario government was debating scrapping Bill 148. The Ontario Conservative government is making quick work of this, already announcing changes to the province’s labour laws.

Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act – also known as Bill 148 – was created under Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government. This bill not only boosted minimum wage up to $14, but it also intended to increase the minimum wage up to $15 in January 2019.

Earlier today, Premiere Ford announced that minimum wage will remain frozen at $14 for the next 33 months. After that two year and nine month period, minimum wage will only go up with inflation.

During today’s announcement, Ford also revealed that the government will also reduce the number of personal leave days from 10 down to 8. As it stands, workers will only be entitled to two days of bereavement leave, three days for family responsibilities and three days for personal illness.

In a study conducted in November 2016, the Ontario Living Wage Network came to the conclusion that a living wage in Hamilton works out to be $15.85 an hour.

According to the Ontario Living Wage Network, a living wage enables individuals to not only provide the necessities for their family, but to also participate in community life and avoid the stress of living in chronic poverty.

While some incredible Hamilton establishments pay their workers a living wage, not enough places do. If we want to see Hamiltonians succeed and truly flourish, we must commit to paying our workers a fair wage.

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