Trump’s tariffs will affect Hamilton’s new schools

Hamilton is constantly growing. As more homes are built and new residents move in, the city has to build new schools in order to provide the best education possible for Hamilton’s youth. Plans to build a few of Hamilton’s new schools are being affected due to inflating construction costs, all thanks to U.S. President Trump’s tariff on Canadian steel.

A new public elementary school in Greensville must be retendered due to the contractor’s bid being over budget. As the current estimated cost of the Greensville school is $11.9 million, the Hamilton public school board is currently looking for ways to cut down on the project’s cost.

One way to shave down costs is to include a public library and community centre in the building plans. A new elementary school out in Rockton used this method – by including plans to construct a building shell for an adjacent city community centre, the school board was able to adjust the scope of their tender.

The Greensville school will be retendered later this month, with shovels expected to be in the ground by spring.

The Hamilton school board currently has an assortment of other construction projects either underway or in final planning stages. As Trump’s tariffs continue to reign, more project plans will inevitably turn out to be over budget and either have to be scrapped, altered or retendered.

As it stands, the Hamilton school board pays approximately $21 million per year on school upgrades like gym expansions and new science labs. Let’s hope that quality of learning will not have to be sacrificed due to the new tariffs being imposed on Canada.

What do you think about Trump’s tariffs? Should quality of education be sacrificed to cut costs? Let us know in the comments.

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