Free meter parking in Downtown Hamilton begins today

Hamilton is truly blessed to have such a large number of local, independent shops operating out of it. For a city with a population over half a million, you’d expect chain retailers and big box stores operating on every street corner.

Despite having so many wonderful shops, one of the biggest gripes residents have with doing their Christmas shopping downtown versus a mall like Lime Ridge, for instance, is that the paid parking takes away from the gifts budget.

Well not anymore! As of today right up to Christmas, on-street parking in Hamilton’s most commercial shopping areas is now free.

This includes Concession street, Barton Village, all of King Street going west from West Ave, James Street North and South, International Village, Ottawa Street, and Ancaster.

Then on December 1st, Locke Street, Westdale Village, and Dundas will join in on the free parking, too.

Rules are pretty straight-forward: If the meter is bagged or says “Free Parking”, you get a maximum of two hours of free parking at any time at that meter. If the symbol has a “P” with a line through it, you get a maximum of 10 minutes. Any other symbol (like a stop sign with a line through it) means you can’t park there at all.

Now you have no excuses to do at least some of your holiday shopping downtown this year. Support local and explore some new shops!

Downtown is just bustling with great restaurants, cafes, and retailers — give them a chance! If you need a resource to sort through all of the local spots in Hamilton, check out our places search page here.

Where will you be hitting up this holiday season? Let us know in the comments — we’d love to hear from you. Happy shopping!

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