Hamilton gas prices hit 99 cents

If you’ve been filling up on gas these past few days, you’ve likely been noticing an unusual phenomenon where the number of litres match the number of dollars spent.

Across Ontario, prices have dropped substantially — for most gas stations this is the lowest since October 2017.

The drop in gas prices stems from crude oil having dropped more than $20 a barrel in a single month. On November 13 alone, US crude oil dropped over 6% in value.

Analysts don’t expect the prices to stay this low for too much longer though, stating that they’ll likely head back up by the end of the month. So if you’re looking for a refill, you may want to do so sooner than later.

According to, the 10 cheapest spots for gas in Hamilton currently are:

$0.969 @ Costco – 100 Legend Ct, Ancaster
$0.992 @ Husky – 102 King St W, Stoney Creek
$0.992 @ Esso – 2471 Barton St E, Hamilton
$0.992 @ Pump – 207 Centennial Pkwy N, Hamilton
$0.995 @ Race Trac – 2416 Barton St E, Hamilton
$0.996 @ 7-Eleven – 415 Melvin Ave, Hamilton
$0.996 @ Pioneer – 545 Woodward Ave, Hamilton
$1.016 @ Pioneer – 439 Mohawk Rd W, Hamilton
$1.019 @ Pioneer – 315 Centennial Pkwy N, Hamilton
$1.019 @ U Plus Gas – 1455 King St E, Hamilton

Will you be filling up at the pump today? Let us know in the comments!

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