Hamiltonians asked not to rake lawns

If you hate doing yard work, we have good news for you: the Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking Hamiltonians not to rake their lawns.

According to Andrew Holland, a spokesperson for the Conservancy, leaving fallen leaves on the ground is the most environmentally friendly thing to do. Leaves provide a space for different small creatures to survive the winter, such as moths, butterflies and other kinds of insects. The insects that survive over the winter will provide nourishment for the birds that return in the spring.

To help birds that don’t fly south for the winter, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is also asking residents not to clear out their gardens. Fruits and seeds that remain in flowerbeds and shrubs are important food sources for many types of songbirds, such as goldfinches, jays and chickadees.

The staff at the Nature Conservancy of Canada want to remind residents that providing winter habitats for native birds and insects is just as important now as it is in the summer time.

Making sure these creatures have access to food and shelter during the cold months is crucial to keeping our ecosystem healthy.

If you prefer the look of a freshly raked lawn, the Conservancy recommends placing your leaves under bushes or inside your flowerbed. If placed under bushes or into your flowerbeds, the leaves will not only provide great mulch but they’ll also help prevent the freeze/thaw cycle for plant roots through the winter.

Do you prefer freshly manicured lawns? How do you keep our local ecosystem alive and well? Let us know in the comments.

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