Stoney Creek to get new multi-purpose skate park

Stoney Creek’s Valley Park will be getting a major upgrade in the next few years. What was once just a decommissioned baseball diamond will become a skate park mainly designed for BMX bikes, rollerblades and scooters.

The city’s plan is to create a 16,000-sqare-foot wheeled sport facility near Valley Park’s parking area. City staff is working on a budget of about $1 million, which hasn’t been allocated by council, in hopes to start construction in 2020.

If scaled back to 10,000-square-feet, the facility could cost anywhere between $370,000 to $525,000 depending on what’s incorporated into the park.

The facility’s design plans include lighting for evening use, a water fountain, washroom facilities, trails as well as sidewalks.

The city hopes that this multi-use skate park will be as inclusive as possible. Both the city and New Line Skateparks, the company handing the proposed design, want the park to appeal to all ages and skill levels.

Currently there are only six skate parks across Hamilton – the last park to be built was Turner Park in 2005. Since then, the demand for skate parks and other outdoor activity venues has increased.

While Hamilton is still looking for ways to fund the project, Hamilton councillors approved a motion earlier this year to use $100,000 from a grant provided by Terrapure Environmental to cover the park’s design cost.

What do you think about these plans for a new skate park? Would you use these facilities? Let us know in the comments.

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