Ontario’s getting train service from Toronto to Niagara Falls

Commuters rejoice! Starting next month there’ll be regular weekday GO train service from Niagara Falls to Toronto and back.

Metrolinx announced today that service will begin Monday, January 7th.

The morning train that currently departs Hamilton’s West Harbour station at 6:39 am will now begin its journey in Niagara Falls at 5:19 am, with a stop in St. Catharines before making stops into Toronto.

The existing train that departs Union Station at 5:15 pm to West Harbour will continue on to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls.

Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek believes that expanding GO train service to Niagara Falls will get people moving and make life better for everyone in Ontario. Regular weekday GO trains have never operated out of Niagara Falls or St. Catharines before, making this expansion both new territory and a sign of more great things to come.

Do you commute from Niagara Falls to the GTHA daily? What other GO train service would you like to see expanded? Let us know in the comments.

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