Here are Hamilton’s plowing priorities for today’s snow storm

Hamilton is currently in the midst of a fierce snowstorm that’s bringing the city to a halt.

As is the case with every storm, plowed roads are based on priority and the City of Hamilton has a handy map highlighting exactly which roads those will be.

You can go to this website and punch in your address to see what your colour code is.

Red is highest priority as it includes major arterial roads like King St, Main St, Linc/Red Hill, and main city blocks. Estimated clean up will be 4 hours after the storm stops.

Green and blue indicate primary collector roads as well as streets with steep residential hills. Estimated clean up will be 8 hours after the storm stops.

The rest of the city falls under either brown or yellow for rural and residential roads. Estimated clean up may take up to 24 hours after the storm ends.

Major highways like the the 403 and QEW are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation, and not the city of Hamilton.

If you can stay off the roads today, please do.

How will you be spending your weekend now that we’ve been blanketed in snow? Let us know in the comments!

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