Red Hill Pkwy speed limit reduced after concerning report revealed

Hamilton’s Red Hill Valley Parkway has been notoriously unsafe since its opening in 2007. Earlier this week, Hamilton city staff uncovered a previously unseen report illustrating just how dangerous the highway really is.

The November 2013 report, conducted by Tradewind Scientific, tested the friction of the Red Hill. The shocking report revealed that friction levels along the highway range from below to well below expected standards.

It is unclear why, or how, the report was kept a secret for five years.


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It has been speculated for years that the Red Hill is too slippery for its own good. Many Hamiltonians have advocated for the roads to be repaved, as well as for barriers to be installed in the grass medians.

Over the last six years, the Red Hill has seen over 200 collisions with 19 of them crossing the median.

Moving forward, the city wants to make sure the Red Hill is as safe as possible.

The first step of their safety initiative took place Wednesday, reducing the highway’s speed limit from 90 km/hr to 80. The city also approved a consultant to rehabilitate the highway.

Approximately $13.5 million has been put aside to repair and enhance the Red Hill. So far, the plans include safety enhances such as better lighting and medians. There has been talk of adding connections to Highway 403 and the QEW, transit opportunities as well as widening the highway.

Until the Red Hill Valley Parkway is up to expected levels of friction, Hamilton city council urges residents to drive with caution.

What do you think about the secret report? Are you surprised to hear its findings? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Rabah Haddad

    I always had a feeling there was something wrong and it always felt different driving on the Redhill Valley even when your driving at the old speed limit of 90 kmh. I’ve witnessed at least 6 accidents if the 200+ one of them close up caught on my dashcam. There’s specifically one stretch where Redhill Valley connects with Lincoln M Alexander Parkway near the Dartnall ramp where it is impossible to make a proper bend even driving 90 KMH. And I’ve asked many people and they agreed. I’ve always been an advocate to make it safer by adding sufficient lighting as there is none at all except at overhead bridges, and installing a double steel or concrete median to prevent the fatal head on collisions that happen when cars cross the grassy ditch area to the other side. Our City wants to spend 1 billion on an LRT but they don’t have a few million to make the Redhill Valley safer for everyone. I wonder how many more lost lives it will take to see that happen.

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