TrueResident is now Urbanicity Hamilton

If you’ve been a regular visitor of, you’ve likely noticed that our domain recently began pointing to — there’s an exciting reason for that.

Today, we are proudly announcing that TrueResident has acquired Urbanicity magazine and will be operating as one uniform entity. To reiterate, we have NOT been bought out — rather, the team at TrueResident has purchased Urbanicity in its entirety and have merged.

Going forward, all branding will be under the Urbanicity Hamilton name. Our Facebook Page will be renamed from ‘TrueResident’ to ‘Urbanicity Hamilton’ as well.

As the founder of TrueResident, dropping the original name in favour of Urbanicity was not an easy choice to make, especially given the goodwill the brand has generated with Hamiltonians. But, given the direction we are taking the company, we felt that Urbanicity was a more fitting name going forward.

The purchase of Urbanicity now gives us a strong presence in print magazine, in addition to the digital following we have amassed over the years. Our print readership combined with our digital readers now makes Urbanicity one of the largest independent news sources in all of Hamilton by audience size. There is a hunger among young people for a trusted alternate to news in Hamilton and we plan on becoming that outlet.

The unification of the brand also brings about opportunities to expand into new fields as we look to develop a wider range of services — we’ll be making announcements to what these areas are next month.

These decisions are necessary if we’re to continue delivering high quality content for years to come.

If you’re wondering how this merger will affect our social media accounts, video production, and news articles — the answer is that outside of the name change, everything will continue exactly the same. In fact, we expect to increase our posting frequency as we enter into spring and summer.

We’d love for you to keep up with us online on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and through our weekly newsletter.

Thank you again for your continued support in this endeavor of ours.

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