City of Hamilton tackles cigarette butt issue in new campaign

The Laundry Design Works, a Hamilton-proud design firm, recently helped the City of Hamilton launch a cigarette litter prevention program to remind smokers that butts should be disposed of safely, never on the ground.

With the spring thaw, Hamilton’s streets, sidewalks, gutters, and gardens have been noticeably piled with cigarette butts.

The City of Hamilton reached out to the The Laundry, a company whose done such projects as the new branding of the John C. Munro Hamilton Airport, earlier this year about the new cigarette litter prevention campaign.

“They were coordinating a program to reduce cigarette butt litter in Hamilton,” said Creative Director Erin McCluskey. Together with the City of Hamilton they were tasked to design a marketing program to raise awareness about the impact of cigarette butt litter and encourage cigarette users to dispose of their waste properly.

“We were happy to assist with this project as we can see the impact of cigarette litter first hand. Our studio is located on street level in downtown Hamilton, and every day we sweep cigarette butts from our front sidewalk. We see children stop to pick them up, we see them being washed down the sidewalk sewers and into our local ecosystems,” Erin stated.

When asked about the creative direction, in addition to the bold, bright colours Erin referred to the cartoon cigarette they added as “a decision that was made in an attempt to connect with a younger audience because it can help personify a message and carry it across different platforms”. Soon we will also see this cute character animated and brought to life for a series of paid social media ads promoted by the City of Hamilton.

The City has already started rolling out the cigarette litter prevention campaign across the city — so far you can see The Laundry’s handiwork on King St East bus shelters and Hughson Street butt stops which are ‘clings’ applied to the tops of local garbage cans which was done in the hope of drawing attention to areas where smokers can safely dispose of butts. “More often than not, we believe it’s simply a matter of convenience,” concluded Erin.

The Laundry Design Works has some great upcoming projects including helping McMaster Innovation Park launch an outdoor Biergarden as well as designing the interior of a new Mexican restaurant. We cannot wait to see how the cigarette prevention campaign progresses in keeping Hamilton a cleaner and safer place for everyone.

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