Red Hill Valley Parkway will be closed for resurfacing this month

Mark your calendars in RED Hamilton!

Starting right after the Victoria Day long weekend, Tuesday May 21st will have all Northbound lanes (going towards Lake Ontario) closed to begin the colossal $8.5-million resurfacing of the Red Hill Valley Parkway and is expected to continue until mid-June, when the process will be repeated for the Southbound lanes (going towards the Linc).

This project has been brought on by public concerns as well as city council and road audits concerning the integrity of the Red Hill’s road surface that were revealed in a report that was somehow hidden for five years. As has been a concern in recent years, the “friction” issue has plagued Hamilton’s eastern artery for long enough, and the City is taking the first steps in repairing the root cause.


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Now the switch is being made to a new asphalt which promises to quell the issue at hand and restore driver confidence. The city is not just stopping there; they are also adding rumble strips, steel guide rails, and brightened lane markings to increase public safety on the parkway.

Expect short-term pain for long-term gain. An estimated 35,000 vehicles will be redirected onto city streets daily while the Red Hill is closed. The city has assured the public it will be making changes to help alleviate the stress on the alternate routes by monitoring traffic and adjusting signal timing at major intersections. 

One thing is for sure: plan your routes before getting behind the wheel. 

Perhaps it’s time to take that bicycle out of the garage this summer to avoid the major gridlock.

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