Hamilton’s new Joie Day Spa is the perfect way to unwind

Nestled just outside of the iconic Downtown Hamilton arches is the city’s newest spot to relax and rejuvenate your body.

Joie Day Spa is a fresh, invigorating space designed to help you feel good. Their mantra is one we should all be asking ourselves: when was the last time you took some time to be kind to yourself?

Through a wide variety of relaxing and revitalizing services, Joie Day Spa answers that very question.

There’s something for everyone at Joie: pick from facials, waxings, manscaping, nails, tinting, body treatments, and massages.

One special type of massage they offer is the shiatsu massage – an older Japanese technique where the therapist articulates your limbs in a way that makes you feel lighter for the next three to four days.

Owner Halden Sproule stresses the importance of making the space inclusive and approachable saying, “Absolutely everyone should feel comfortable or welcome. Doesn’t matter who they are or what they do for work.”

Their largest room is for manicures/pedicures and holds 10 seats total. In addition to this, there are 12 other rooms dedicated to facials, waxing, body treatments, and massage.

Massage treatments are typically 5-10 minutes longer than competitors, allowing for more customization and extra massage with the experience. Another advantage is that services at Joie’s tend to be a couple bucks cheaper. Not to mention there’s complimentary steam rooms and sauna with every visit!

Of course, none of the services would be what they are without great people.

For Sproule, the hiring process was extremely important. The number one trait they value is people who care about other’s wellbeing. “The only reason people come to places like this is to let go and be taken care of, so if that’s not [the employee’s] primary motivation then they won’t be a good fit,” explains Sproule.

Given that this is business number 12 for Sproule, he’s also discovered creative ways in keeping his team invested in the project — by literally offering shares of the business to anyone that was involved in the process, from painters to suppliers.

Sproule is very open to improving the space and believes that profit sharing will encourage good ideas to be taken seriously as implementing them properly will be reflected in their returns at the end of the year.

But it was made clear that profit is only being derived from the services and products they sell — deposits from no-shows will not be pocketed by the spa. To respect their employees’ time, there will still be a charge for no-shows but the money collected will go directly toward a local women’s shelter.

Opening Joie Day Spa was no easy task. It took nearly seven months to complete since the project began in mid-November of 2018.

Fire rating walls, removing asbestos-wrapped pipes, and uneven walls are just some of the many set-backs Sproule and his team had to face when dealing with a building made in the 1890s. “None of the corners were 90 degrees,” says Sproule which is why the spa takes on a deliberately angled look that comes off pretty sleek and modern in my opinion.

It was decided early in the process that Joie Day Spa would be constructed as local as possible by sourcing local contractors and materials from Ontario. “If you’re not conscious of how you’re spending your money, a large percentage of it can go to oversees. The costs are similar here; you just have to be aware of it,” Sproule explains. They also use and carry Moor spa products, which are made in Ontario.

When asked why build such a beautiful space outside of the core downtown, Sproule had this to say: “If it was purely a business decision, it would have been Westdale, Dundas, Durand, etc. We’re right at the edge of the International Village and it needs a little bit of love. I really wanted a space with character.  Doing something half the size would mean sacrifices like removing the saunas and steam rooms. We wanted to have a large lounge area and large spa spaces that didn’t feel claustrophobic.”

The 4,000+ square foot space also provides a solution for bridal showers, baby showers, and work parties who’re looking to treat a large group out but had to leave Hamilton to do so.

Soon, their online booking system will offer women-only and LGBTQ-only time blocks to ensure safe spaces are available for everyone.

And if you’re worried about being upsold, don’t. Joie’s policy is to not push upselling or make people feel like they’re being sold to. “If someone is pitching to me in a relaxing environment, I’m not relaxed anymore,” Sproule elaborates.

“In the same vein, we don’t rush people out when they’re done their treatment. There’s a nice selection of reading material one can enjoy [in the lobby] with mechanical foot massagers that are shockingly good for a machine. [Ultimately], I don’t want to make anyone feel like they’re being rushed out.”

From my personal experience here, it was clear the Joie Day Spa team pride themselves in offering an elevated experience while respecting the time and budget of their clients. It was a relaxing, rejuvenating getaway that made me forget about everything else on my mind for a well-needed couple of hours.

The team behind Joie Day Spa has really built something special here. Sproule concludes by stating “I love filling a need in the city and scratching my own itch to build projects that fit within Hamilton’s mentality.”

Well, that itch has now not only been scratched, but massaged and manicured as well.

Joie Day Spa is located at 374 King St E, Hamilton. Call them at 289-206-5390 or visit them online at

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