A story of true in-spa-ration

Greeting guests with a warm smile and energetic personality is the entrepreneurial force behind Laser Spa Group in Hamilton, Bozana Skojo. For the past 16 years, her spa has been combining the art of healing with a sophisticated appreciation of aesthetics.

Recognizing the remarkable relationship between looking one’s best and its contribution to people’s overall feeling of wellness, Skojo set out on a mission at the turn of the century to create a space that provided the highest level of care for aesthetic services in the area.

She purchased her first laser in 2003 and began working out of a spare bedroom in her home. Given how large the lease on the laser was, she took on additional work through a commission basis to increase her revenue by booking a laser day at various salons and spas throughout the GTA. She would pack the laser into her car and drive it from salon to salon, servicing their clients.

It was a struggle in the early years as internet searching and social media was still in its infancy. “Referrals and word of mouth was the foundation of how I built my business, and the drive to take it to any location to keep it running was key,” explains Skojo. “I built a solid reputation for myself.”

Until 2008, Laser Spa Group was more a one-woman show than it was a group. Skojo had always planned on the spa being home to a large set of professionals but it wasn’t until her pregnancy in 2008 that forced her to convert the spare bedroom to a nursery and rent a small commercial space in Burlington. She hired her first employee and gradually grew her team one by one until they moved to their current location in Hess Village.

“That’s when business exploded,” says Skojo. “Our employee count increased to 12 when we moved to Hess.”

Prior to the move, Laser Spa Group was a destination location that had to be sought out. The accessibility of being off Highway 403 and into a central Downtown location really helped the business bloom.

Surrounded by such an excellent group of professionals who collectively have over 120 years of combined industry service, Laser Spa Group has greatly expanded their services.

With 75,000 services performed, over 10,000 clients, and a 4.8 star rating on Google, it’s fair to say that this medical spa has a lot of experience doing what they do and they do it well.

Skojo proudly tells me how much time she spends training each and every employee going over all of the equipment and machines. “We bring the official trainers and they do the proper training on each of the devices,” says Skojo. “The industry and experience that we have, the level of education, actually having flown to Virginia for CoolSculpting training — we’re always keeping on top of things happening in the industry.”

So what are some of the services offered here? Well, after a full 60-minute consultation, the Laser Spa Group team will recommend the services needed to achieve whatever goal it is you’re after.
If it’s a facial you’re looking for, there are exfoliation treatments offered like SilkPeel™ to remove epidermal cells from imperfections or you could go with an advanced chemical peel which speeds up your skin’s healing process by stimulating the production of collagen and improved elastin fibres.

If you’re looking to reduce wrinkles, birthmarks, brown spots, melasma, or acne scars, then skin resurfacing through their Fraxel laser treatment is worth exploring.

Laser Spa Group also boasts an impressive fat reduction treatment through CoolSculpting®, which targets and freezes fat cells alone for areas of stubborn fat like the arms, chin, lower abdomen, and thighs. The fat cells die away after freezing and the body naturally disposes of them.

And as the business’ name would imply, there are laser services for hair removal and spider veins. Their new PicoWay® laser allows them to now also remove tattoos with as few as 5 to 6 sessions compared to the typical 15 to 20 with conventional lasers.

The team here has so much knowledge and education that they’ve begun a Laser Training Program every month for those who qualify. Skojo and her Clinical Educators instruct in their medical spa in order to provide a real-life atmosphere for students. With her unique perspective and experience from a clinical and management consultant standpoint, Skojo educates students on the patient/client experience and the concierge way of doing an aesthetic business. This only further displays the team’s commitment in the industry, helping those wishing to get into the business of Medical Aesthetics.

Health professionals seeking to rent some of Laser Spa Group’s super high-end equipment can also do that through their unique Laser Rental Business, available to physicians, nurses, salons, clinics, spas and laser technicians. It allows professionals to offer services to an existing menu without the hassle of purchasing. The idea for the equipment rental came about from Skojo’s early years when she moved around her own laser from one salon to another.

If all this wasn’t enough, Bozana also published a book titled ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Successful’. She wrote her book to help inspire other entrepreneurs that may go through some setbacks and challenges in their own path to fulfillment in their chosen careers. Skojo wanted to help people avoid making some of the mistakes she made when starting out and share some of the lessons she learned along the way to a wider audience.

With such an extensive list of skills and successes, Bozana Skojo is a true female leader here in Hamilton. From taking the leap of faith and starting her own company – one where she was working solo for five years before hiring a single employee – to now leading one of the most dominant medical spas in the city with numerous accolades and awards, the team at Laser Spa Group is truly crushing it.

And they aren’t just keeping the success to themselves, they’re sharing it with others through their workshops, rentals, and literature. How awesome it is to have such a talented group of women operate right here in Hamilton!

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