Shop for groceries online to feed hungry children in Hamilton

If you could pay it forward from the comfort of your own home, would you do it?

Shop4Kids Virtual Grocery store is a new charitable initiative by Food 4 Kids Hamilton, an organization that helps feed our most vulnerable with no judgement. For those who may not be able to travel from the grocery store to the food bank, there’s now a way you can help feed your peers with just a few clicks.

A shopper can access this virtual grocery store at home and choose from fruits and veggies to canned staples and dry goods, and the prices for each option are affordable. Once you add your items to the cart and check out, volunteers will put together your order and deliver the food to a family in need.

Each grocery shop is delivered in a backpack, and the goal is to try to feed kids over the weekend where they don’t have access to the food programs they might partake in at school. This service will also be beneficial for parents who may not have the means to travel to a food bank on the weekends and will relieve that burden of transportation.

Food 4 Kids is a huge proponent of food programs at Hamilton schools, servicing around 60 schools in the Hamilton area, so children can have access to healthy foods at no cost to them. The program aims to be as discreet as possible, as the main goal is to just nourish families with the community’s help, relying mainly on donations.

You can find more information and shop away on the Food 4 Kids Hamilton website.

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