City of Hamilton considering one-metre rule for cyclists

A committee in the City of Hamilton will vote on whether to ask Hamilton police to determine how they could better protect cyclists. The committee will talk to enforce a one-metre rule to keep Hamilton cyclists safer.

A motion will go before the public works committee on Wednesday that will request the police service to consider a one-metre passing law for cyclists. 

Ottawa, Guelph, and other communities have already enforced a similar rule that uses radar devices to determine the distance while passing cyclists on the road. The City of Hamilton would replicate similar tactics. 

Ward 8 councillor, John-Paul Danko, tabled the motion after Share the Road Cycling Coalition presented to the committee on the safety of cyclists in Hamilton. 

According to Danko, the radar devices would be mounted on police bicycles and register the distance between them and a passing vehicle. Then, police alert officers that are further up the road and give drivers an information ticket as part of the educational campaign. 

The program is designed to get drivers used to sharing the road with cyclists.

When the one-metre law was enforced in Ottawa, police services began with an educational ticket before giving out fines. Ontarios’ Ministry of Transportation says there would be a total payable fine of $110 for giving a cyclist less than one metre of space. 

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