GO Train service from Hamilton to Toronto is closer than ever

The struggle for GO Transit from Hamilton to Toronto has been a constant pain for Hamilton residents for years.

The constant annoyance of having to travel to Aldershot GO through painstaking traffic only to arrive and fight for a parking spot has always been an issue for Hamilton commuters.

However, there is good news! Metrolinx has not only made a commitment to tackle this issue, but is also well on their way to resolving it.

Several issues surrounding the extension of the Lakeshore West line have arisen over the years, and for the most part they have all branched off of the fact that the space between Aldershot GO and West Harbour GO is full of complications.

For starters, Metrolinx does not own this corridor of railway. It is a key east-west junction for freight trains moving between Buffalo, Toronto, Chicago and beyond.

Fitting passenger trains between these freight trains would require approval from the owners, but it would also require a great deal of logistical work considering some freight trains can take up to 2km of rail and do not necessarily run on commute-convenient schedules.

Another issue is based on the geography and topography of the railway. The junction passes through the Royal Botanical Gardens, giving it a beautiful view but also causing some problems.

The railway is pinched between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, making it difficult to add another set of tracks for passenger trains.

Thankfully, most of the crucial infrastructure is already completed or in the works.

Earlier this summer, the Metrolinx team finished commissioning and testing a rail crossover at the Bayview Junction. This will allow for the separation of passenger and freight trains and ultimately allow for more trains to and from Hamilton in the future.

Increase of trains through Hamilton will ultimately lead to more trains travelling through to the Niagara region, and overall improve railway infrastructure west of Toronto.

Finally, all-day GO Transit service to and from Hamilton is closer than ever.

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