Stelco moving forward with redevelopment plan

One of Hamilton’s most famous established industrial companies, Stelco, is moving forward with its multi-year Bayfront redevelopment plan.

This plan is a continuation of an earlier land purchase made by Stelco of a large plot of Bayfront land.

Stelco has classified the land in three different ways: property that is currently being used for Stelco steel production, land that will be developed in the short term, and land that has been classified as ‘deferred land’.

City planning and approval is still preventing this redevelopment plan from progressing. However, the most exciting part of this property is the land that has been classified as ‘deferred land’.

Part of this deferred land is the waterfront property which many have speculated will become a transportation hub for trains, ships, and trucks.

Once the multi-year redevelopment plan is complete, Randle Reef will become a 6-hectare docking facility. Pairing this new facility with the port development on the waterfront land along the western boundary of the land has the potential to greatly expand the transportation capabilities of the area.

The question remains whether this ‘deferred land’ will be sold off to an external buyer or kept by Stelco.

Regardless of the method of development, the new facilities will offer plenty of job opportunities and commercial revenue for the city of Hamilton.

This sentiment has been echoed by Mayor Fred Eisenberger, who has stressed that if the land is not used for steel production, it at least must be used in a manner that leads to jobs and tax revenue.

Ultimately, the redevelopment project is an exciting one for the city and will surely lead to growth in industry and jobs.

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