The City of Hamilton is on the lookout for holiday trees

If there is a large Spruce tree in excellent condition outside of your home, you may want to consider entering it as a contender to this year’s centrepiece Christmas trees

The City of Hamilton has started their search for this year’s centrepiece Christmas trees for the upcoming holiday season. 

Residents are being asked to donate the perfect tree that could be used in three different Christmas displays around the city. The tree must be at least 12 meters tall, in the front yard, accessible from the street and clear of any overhead wires. The tree will be cut and removed through no expense of its donor. 

The three trees that are chosen will be part of displays in Gore Park, City Hall and Memorial Square in Dundas. Branches from several other trees will be used in wreaths and boughs. 

If you have a tree you would want to donate, then please visit the City of Hamilton website for details on how to enter. 


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