Waterfall hiking path in Spencer Gorge will not be reopening

The beloved waterfall hiking trail in Spencer Gorge will not be reopening for public use, after a ruling from Ontario’s minister of the environment, ending the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s three-year battle to reopen the privately-owned trail.

While Hamilton hikers may be disappointed by the news, the landowners have lots to celebrate with the end of this attempted expropriation. Owners Moyez Landhani and Luc Lalonde closed the trail from public access in 2016 over concerns about trespassing, littering, and otherwise damaging behaviour on the property.

According to an article published by the Hamilton Spectator, the resulting quashing of land expropriation, an action typically taken in the interest of the land’s perceived public good, is extremely rare.

Ultimately, the largest inconvenience is the resulting loss of the 1km trail connecting Tews and Websters Falls, which the public will have to take more cumbersome routes to access.

Feelings about the decision are undoubtedly complicated, but all the same, Hamilton luckily has no shortage of other gorgeous hiking trails and waterfalls for nature lovers to explore.

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