BREAKING: Hamilton’s LRT project has been cancelled

Looks like Hamilton won’t be getting its new Light Rail Transit system after all.

As of this afternoon, the Ontario minister of transportation has effectively cancelled the Hamilton LRT project.

In an official announcement in Hamilton on the afternoon of Monday December 16th, Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney cancelled the ambitious LRT development project, citing the substantial current price tag of $3 billion which has significantly increased since the original $1 billion budget estimate made by the previous provincial Liberal government when the project was initially proposed back in 2014.

The Ford government’s shocking cancellation of Hamilton LRT also comes with the devastating loss of over 5,000 jobs for members of the Labourers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) employed to work on the project.

Though the issue of Hamilton’s LRT has been a divisive one, the majority of Hamilton residents, local businesses, and city councillors have repeatedly voted in overwhelming support of the project’s ongoing development; a project which would have had resounding impact on countless facets of Hamilton’s infrastructure and development, and that the city has already put extensive resources into as a major investment in our city’s future.

Though social media is already on fire with the breaking news of this cancellation, Hamilton still awaits an official statement on the results of this afternoon’s announcement. Stay tuned for updates.

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