Hamilton Strip will not be demolished, with new plans to renovate it into a hotel

Plans to demolish the longstanding Hamilton Strip on Barton Street have completely crumbled, as it was announced that the building will be salvaged and restored for a new purpose.

Hamilton Strip, which closed its doors officially last August, has been in line to be completely torn down where it sits at the corner of Barton and Catharine Street.

However, in part due to the efforts of Hamilton’s heritage advocates, the Hamilton Strip’s current building, with a past use as the historic Hanrahan’s Hotel, may see a second life after all.

The building’s owner, Konrad Sit, plans to take the longstanding family-owned 95 Barton St. East building and pay homage to its heritage roots by repurposing it as a new boutique hotel; a contribution to the gradual renaissance occurring on the burgeoning Barton Street.

Originally, the plans for Hamilton Strip were for developer John Barton Investments to demolish the building and erect a new medical clinic and complex of townhouses. At the time, the current building was deemed “unsalvageable” and demolition seemed imminent.

However, one major factor that halted these plans was when John Barton Investments found out that the city would not be paying to update the underground pipes that would be attached to the proposed townhouses.

Combine that with the efforts and support of Hamilton heritage advocate Sarah Sheehan (who wrote multiple opinion pieces about the building for the Hamilton Spectator), and the old Hanrahan’s Hotel just might see a modern rebirth; one that preserves a notable piece of Hamilton’s history.

Lead image courtesy of Bill Curran

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