Dundas coffee spot Grupetto closes permanently amid COVID-19

In one of what could very well be an oncoming string of closures for local independent businesses, Downtown Dundas coffee staple Grupetto has announced that it will be permanently closing its doors amid the struggles of COVID-19.

A hybrid of a coffee shop and hangout for local cyclists, Grupetto originally hit Dundas as Domestique more than 10 years ago before changing locations – and its name – eventually landing in a cozy space behind health food store The Horn of Plenty. Tucked away and accessible down an unassuming gravel alley, Grupetto felt like the very definition of a hidden gem.

A message posted to Grupetto’s Instagram account – which has since been deactivated – bid a final farewell to the Dundas community with no clear word on if the coffee shop foresees a future of reopening down the line.

“Unfortunately, Grupetto is unable to carry on any longer,” said the cafe on social media. “The stress and uncertainty due to [COVID-19] and building issues has been overwhelming in so many ways.”

Grupetto will be deeply missed by coffee lovers in search of a more alternative option for their daily caffeine fix. The menu of rich, Italian-style coffee and espresso was a welcomed addition to Downtown Dundas; in fact, Grupetto even made our list of Hamilton’s top 10 coffee spots for 2019, where we cited them as making one of the best Americanos in town.

Before signing off formally, Grupetto issued one final plea to locals to do what they can to bolster local small businesses who are battling precarious circumstances during this global health crisis.

“We urge you to continue to support our Dundas businesses, whatever they’re selling. Every little bit helps.”

Lead image courtesy of Grupetto 

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