An e-scooter service might be coming to Hamilton

An e-scooter sharing service that recently partnered with Uber and has multiple service spots set up in the United States and internationally is looking to set up shop in Canada; and it’s setting its sights on Hamilton as a potential location.

The company, called Lime, offers a service not unlike the city’s recently-saved SoBi bike sharing program, allowing residents to rent and ride electronic scooters as a compact, affordable, and eco-friendly form of public transportation.

Many locals will readily note that Uber, which Lime is currently partnered with, was the company that suddenly pulled its operations and maintenance of SoBi bike share in Hamilton earlier this year.

Through lobbying and activism by city staff and Hamilton residents alike, as well as some swift fundraising initiatives, SoBi bike share was ultimately revived in Hamilton and is now operated and maintained by Hamilton-based not-for-profit Hamilton Bike Share Inc.

All of that said, Lime expresses that it is a totally separate company from Uber despite the partnership and Uber’s own investment in the e-scooter service.

Currently, Lime operates in over a dozen US states, as well as having services in places like Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. The service uses a simple app-based interface to facilitate rental payments and account management.

Since kick-style electric scooters are now allowed in Canada under a pilot program, Lime just might bring this e-scooter service to Hamilton as a companion to SoBi.

That said, despite the company’s expressed interest, discussions are still relatively early; Hamilton city council likely won’t put the issue to a vote until at least Fall 2020.

Would you embrace an e-scooter sharing program in Hamilton? Let us know in the comments!

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