Hamilton entrepreneur invents a wristband that dispenses hand sanitizer

A Hamilton entrepreneur has found a clever and novel solution for carrying hand sanitizer in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

That entrepreneur is Moe Masoudi, and his product is SqueezyBand: a minimalist silicone wristband, not dissimilar to a FitBit in appearance, that holds a small amount of hand sanitizer conveniently on your wrist for when you’re on the go and want to stay sanitary.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public awareness of how germs spread, and people are carrying hand sanitizer to cleanse their hands more than ever before. The goal with SqueezyBand is to ensure that people could carry that sanitizer in an unobtrusive way that also limits contact with other surfaces.

“As you search for a conventional-bottled hand sanitizer, you are contaminating yourself by going through items to find it or by simply touching its surface,” reads the website for SqueezyBand. “When it is worn on your wrist, there is no contact with any other items and therefore is much easier to dispense efficiently and frequently.”

The wristband is also a convenient way of cleansing your hands at a moment’s notice, particularly when there is no washroom or sink in sight. All the wearer needs to do is squeeze their wristband, and a dollop of hand sanitizer will be dispensed onto their palm.

The possibilities don’t stop there, either. On top of being compatible with hand sanitizer, SqueezyBands can also be filled with other substances such as rubbing alcohol, liquid soaps, and hand lotion.

To check out this awesome new Hamilton-made invention, check out the SqueezyBand website. The wristbands currently sell for $15 each.

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