Hamilton launches campaign encouraging residents in their 20s to physically distance

The City of Hamilton is making an extra effort to reach residents in their 20s regarding COVID-19 health and safety practices with a new campaign launched this week.

This “Physical Distancing Hamilton-Style” campaign playfully uses images such as French Bulldogs, takeaway coffee cups, and SoBi bicycles as units of measurement to help re-emphasize and re-educate locals – especially younger locals – on proper physical distancing practices.

Having the campaign specifically targeting those in the age 20 to 29 set is a response to the recent upwards trends in local COVID-19 cases among Hamiltonians in their 20s; particularly among those between the ages of 20 and 24.

Hamilton health officials point to the fact that many in their 20s are likely getting too lax regarding the health and safety guidelines of COVID-19, with a number of Hamilton’s young adult residents seen gathering and socializing with large groups of friends, ignoring physical distancing, not wearing masks in public spaces, and disregarding hand washing recommendations.

On top of that, with Hamilton now in Phase Two of reopening and many restaurants and bars opening their patios to the public, the potential risks have only gotten higher.

Health officials also suggest that some of the uptick in cases among 20-somethings may also be a result of living conditions, with multiple young people living in the same space together and potentially spreading the virus to their whole household.

The campaign’s push is certainly an important one. While people in their 20s are overall more likely to experience milder cases of COVID-19, they also risk spreading the virus deeper into the community; including to those from more vulnerable categories such as seniors and the immunocompromised.

Hamilton’s total number of confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases currently sits at 807, with 719 of those cases considered resolved and 43 that resulted in deaths.

Notably, COVID-19 patients between the ages of 20-29 are the largest percentage of local cases out of any other age group, representing 20 per cent of Hamilton’s total confirmed cases. The next highest is the 50-59 age group at 15 per cent.

Lead image courtesy of @cityofhamilton

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