A group of anti-maskers will be protesting in Jackson Square starting at 5pm today

Avoid Hamilton’s Jackson Square Mall this afternoon, as a group of anti-mask protesters will be making their way today between the hours of 5pm to 6pm.

Hamilton Police sent out a memo to the businesses operating out of the downtown shopping mall earlier in the day after getting word that a gathering of people will be entering the indoor facility to protest the wearing of face masks.

Allegedly, the group will be entering with face masks on, and then removing them once inside a variety of retail stores.

Memo just went out to our office in Jackson Square from Hamilton Police that there will be an aggressive antimask protest in the mall today between 5pm and 6pm from Hamilton

The mall is already taking precautions to prevent the protest from happening, by closing off the entrances to the mall to keep the protesters outside.

This act is an extreme health violation of Hamilton’s current temporary bylaw and comes just days after the city reported its youngest COVID-related death.

Urbanicity will report more as this story develops.

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