500 free trees are being given away to Hamilton residents

If you’re a Hamiltonian who’s always wanted a tree in your yard, you’re in luck: Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club are giving away 500 trees to residents of urban Hamilton.

The project, called Trees Please, is intended to add further shade and cool spots throughout the city throughout the future summer months, as well as help improve Hamilton’s overall air quality.

The list of available native trees, which can be claimed by locals on a first come, first serve basis, includes varietals of varying attributes such as Red Oak, Hackberry, Red Maple, Eastern Red Cedar, Smooth Serviceberry, Nannyberry, Northern Bush Honeysuckle, and Chokecherry.

So how can you claim a tree of your own? Simply fill out an online form on the Environment Hamilton website and indicate which varietal of tree you’d most like to obtain. From there, your tree will be available to pick up at one of three different depots in the city sometime in October.

Locals who want to request a free tree as part of this awesome initiative can do so before Monday, September 21st, and those successful in claiming one will be responsible for picking it up and planting it on their property themselves.

To learn more about the Trees Please Project, check out the Environment Hamilton website.

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