This is what remote learning will look like with the Hamilton public school board

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) elementary schools will continue with a conventional model that will include enhanced public health measures in September.

Regular hand-hygiene breaks will be introduced throughout the school day with all students receiving full instruction and reminders about proper hand-hygiene, respiratory etiquette, mental health and wellness checks, telling an adult if they are feeling unwell, physical distancing, and staying to the right of the hallway when traveling through the school. 

School start and end times will remain the same unless there needs to be an adjustment to student and teacher timetables and assignments early in the school year.

As outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education, parents and guardians will be given an option as to whether they want their children attending in-class instruction or to continue with distance learning in September. 

Parents will be required to indicate whether they intend to send their children to school or keep them home by visiting the Parent Portal between August 17th and 21st. 

Those students who are continuing with remote learning will be registered into the HWDSB remote learning elementary school that will mostly mirror the same day of a regular school. Students will receive a full-day of instructional time with frequent educator interaction, homeroom teachers, regular-sized classes, instruction and learning in all subject areas, and French Immersion programming.

Staff and students will continue to use the HWDSB standard blending platforms such as The HUB and MS Teams as their learning and communication environments. Instruction will be provided for students using non-digital tools with educators being present and available to their classes throughout the day.

Students working remotely will not be assigned to a teacher from their designated school, but they will be assigned to a remote learning class. 

If parents or guardians choose to transition their children to in-person learning, then students will be welcome back to their designated school if adequate space is available. 

HWDSB said in a report released on Monday that it would cost an additional $76 million to hire 900 teachers in order to accommodate class sizes of 15 students. 

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