Brock University sells Hamilton campus

For over 20 years, Brock University has been using its campus at 1842 King Street East in Hamilton for learning and research. 

Brock announced last week that they’ve sold the campus in an effort to continue to achieve more modern facilities in the Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville corridor. 

The deal for the sale allows Brock to continue using the campus for teaching and research until August 2022 while the university explores its options in the area.

It was announced last year that Brock was going to sell its Hamilton campus and look for a new high-tech establishment that could hold a larger variety of courses. 

While updating the 1960s high school building was an option, Brock decided that the investment in upgrades would be too costly for the type of campus they wanted to establish. 

The Hamilton campus has been mostly used for teacher education over it’s two decades of operation. 

“A 21st-century learning and teaching environment will allow the University to meet the growing needs of schools for professionally educated leaders, and serve the educational needs of our diverse communities for adult and graduate education,” said Dean of Education Michael Owen.

Brock University hasn’t yet announced any potential new sites for the prospective campus. 

Lead image courtesy of Brock University

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