Hamilton Aviary receives anonymous $1 million gift

A generous anonymous donor has just awarded The Hamilton Aviary a $1 million gift to help the incredibly valuable bird sanctuary find a new purpose-built home in the city.

The Hamilton Aviary, which happens to be the oldest aviary in Canada, has been a home and sanctuary to countless tropical birds for over 90 years.

However, with numerous structural repairs needed to their current leased facility and a desperate need for a new permanent home, this incredibly generous financial gift towards a new permanent home – which was secured thanks to the help of contacts through the City of Hamilton – couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

“This gift comes with an incredible love story. Love between people, a love of Hamilton, and a love of birds,” says the Hamilton Aviary’s interim executive director Stephanie Brown.

“We are thrilled to know that the Flock will have a permanent home for future generations, where our community can continue to fall in love with them. Now we will turn our focus to securing a location and kick off a campaign that allows the community to choose what they want their aviary to be.”

A tremendous lifeline for the aviary’s winged residents in the present and future, the donation’s impact will also allow the Hamilton Aviary to cement itself further as an important community hub.

“This inflow of $1,000,000 is directly proportional to our outflow of value to our community,” says Tom Priestly, President of the Board of Directors for the Hamilton Aviary.

“You cannot receive what you don’t give. This amazing gift will transform our organization into a new community hub where people can gather to enjoy the wonders of our birds but also participate in vital conversations about environmental impact.”

Read more on the Hamilton Aviary website.

Lead image courtesy of @friendsoftheaviary

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