Hamilton increasing access to flu vaccine for 2020

The City of Hamilton is going the extra mile this year to help ensure as many residents as possible have access to the flu shot as the city readies itself for cold & flu season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hamilton health care will be expanding the reach of its mobile clinic to distribute the influenza vaccine to over 2,000 residents within seniors homes, homeless shelters, recreation centres, social housing communities, and various other locales throughout the city.

There’s a large push this year for Hamilton residents to get their flu shot amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as the city worries about a dual outbreak of both influenza and COVID-19, both of which could jointly overwhelm Hamilton’s health care systems.

In fact, Hamilton’s own push for locals to get immunized branches off of the Ontario government initiating the largest flu vaccine campaign in the province’s history, with a spend of over $70 million on 5.1 million doses of the vaccine for 2020.

This year’s flu vaccine will be available at all usual spots such as doctor’s offices and drug stores this fall, with Hamilton rolling out its mobile clinics by mid-October pending vaccine availability.

Read more about this year’s flu shot campaign on the Province of Ontario website.

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