McMaster University confirms COVID-19 case on campus

A graduate student present on campus at McMaster University was found to test positive for COVID-19, according to a public statement from the university on their website.

The announcement, posted to McMaster’s website on Monday morning, explains that the student was quick to contact the university after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, and has additionally been “very helpful” in sharing information that allowed the university to respond quickly.

McMaster also says that all areas where the student was present have been thoroughly sanitized and remain open to access as usual.

Though the university doesn’t disclose exactly which areas were affected, they stress that anyone may be part of contact tracing for the case will be contacted by Hamilton public health.

In the interest of health & safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic, McMaster University is one of many education institutions across Canada that has opted to hold the majority of the fall term online via virtual classes.

Campuses nonetheless remain open for access as needed, but those who feel ill are asked to avoid McMaster’s campus facilities and seek medical advice.

Read McMaster University’s full statement here.

Lead image courtesy of @mcmasteru

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