Mysterious oil spill discovered in Hamilton Harbour

The city is investigating after a small oil spill of unknown origin was found in the water at Hamilton Harbour near Bayfront Park on Tuesday afternoon.

The spill, located near the foot of the Waterfront Trail, was cleaned up by city-led crews on Wednesday using absorbent pads and a small boom to contain and absorb the oily substance, which was measured at roughly 6 feet by 20 feet.

As of now, the potential cause of the oil spill is still unknown, but city officials continue to investigate.

Additionally, the city has notified the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks regarding the spill.

Any locals who may find or suspect discharges or spills of pollutants to Hamilton’s sewer system or natural bodies of water are asked to call the city’s Spills Reporting Line at 905-540-5188.

Read the full release here.

Lead image courtesy of @rsayavong

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