Someone crashed their car through the front of Big Top Family Restaurant last night

Hamilton police are investigating after a motorist crashed their car through the front window of Big Top Family Restaurant on Monday evening.

Shocking images of the crash show a car that plowed straight through Big Top’s glass façade at the corner of Main Street East and Sherman Avenue South, causing extensive damages to both the restaurant’s storefront and the vehicle.

According to police, the vehicle ran several red lights prior to the crash – which occurred just before 8 pm on Monday – and ended up in a two-vehicle collision with another motorist, who received minor injuries from the incident.

The driver fled the scene after crashing through Big Top Family Restaurant’s front window, and the police investigation remains ongoing.

Some locals on social media were also quick to point out the devastating implications an incident like this has on an independent, family-owned Hamilton business like Big Top.

“The Big Top completely redid their front façade in 2017 [and] this must be devastating for them,” tweeted Hamilton resident Tom Shepherd.

The incident follows a similar one that occurred just over a week ago, when an impaired driver crashed through the front window of independent coffee shop Cannon Coffee at the corner of Ottawa and Cannon; thankfully, injuring no one.

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