A new large-scale piece of public art is now up on James North

One of James North’s most iconic and eye-catching features is the massive billboard adorning the side of the CBC building at 118 James North that regularly hosts large-scale installations of visual art created by local artists.

If you’ve journeyed down the strip in the last few days, chances are you’ve noticed a brand new mural is now taking up residence on that billboard, which faces into the courtyard where the Tivoli Theatre once stood.

The new work is called To What Do We Owe This Honour? and is it created by Beijing-born and Toronto-based Shellie Zhang, who was inspired, in her own words, by “things in our homes, things in our cities whose legacies are granted permanence and monuments lost and unrecognized.”

The piece, curated by the McMaster Museum of Art and sponsored by the museum in partnership with the Downtown Hamilton BIA, depicts a colourful array of small totems with a mellow backdrop of a blue sky peppered with white, fluffy clouds.

“The project prompts reflection for the objects we surround ourselves with and the monuments we adorn our cities with, questioning what symbols reflect our current collective values, whose legacies are granted permanence and which histories are given a pedestal,” reads an announcement from Supercrawl.

The mural was officially mounted on October 23rd, so go take a stroll along James North and see it with your own eyes!

Read more about the project and the artist on the Supercrawl website.

Lead image courtesy of @supercrawl

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