At least 51 COVID-19 cases now linked to SpinCo Hamilton outbreak

As Hamilton public health continues to trace COVID-19 cases linked to the outbreak at SpinCo Hamilton, at least 51 cases have now been confirmed as linked to the James North fitness studio.

The outbreak, which started with just three cases confirmed by public health on October 5th, has steadily climbed in subsequent days and – as of Sunday’s report of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hamilton – sits at a new total of 39 primary cases, with 37 patrons and 2 staff members.

Additionally, multiple secondary cases have been confirmed due to household spread to friends, family, and others not directly connected to SpinCo Hamilton, bringing the overall current total of cases linked to the outbreak to 51: the largest local outbreak since the pandemic first hit Hamilton.

This number could continue increasing, too. Public health officials say that roughly 100 people may have been directly exposed to COVID-19 at the fitness studio anytime within the currently confirmed exposure dates of September 28th to October 4th.

Though SpinCo Hamilton has carefully followed all of the current health & safety protocols in their facility, the nature of a fitness studio featuring multiple people breathing heavily in an enclosed space inherently makes the environment a high risk one in spite of socially-distanced patrons and increased cleaning and sanitizing.

SpinCo Hamilton remains closed while local public health continues their investigation, and has said they will reopen once they’ve ensured it is safe to do so.

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